Facts about tractors

Tractor is a complex machine. It has so many parts with different mechanism. There are many people who own tractors but there are few who have proper knowledge about the tractors so there are many frequently questions asked by consumers about different things related to tractors of massey ferguson MF 290 and massey ferguson 265.

The first question that is asked by many consumers is why the tractor lifts up from the front when they load something. The answer to this question is that the part of weight of trolley and a part of weight of tractor at front shifts to rear axle. Due to this fact lift is produced at front the best remedy in this case is to overcome the imbalance. You have to use some weight and you have to put it at front to balance your tractor in weight.

Why tractors consume more oil? The answer to this question is when the tractor is used in high speed or running process the consumption of oil increases. To balance this situation there are some remedies that are beneficial like park the tractor in a straight place. Check oil levels frequently, check for leakage or oil drops, give proper rest to your tractor after using it.

The same question asked about diesel that why the tractors consume more diesel. To make your consumption less there are few ways by which the diesel consumption gets better. You should use proper implementations. Check your RPM levels while driving. You must adjust your tire pressure. The diesel filter must be changed according to the mentioned time. The tank of diesel must be washed after 1000 hrs. of running. Adjust your injector and nozzle pressure.

People ask this question that why hydraulic system of tractors jerks while lifting. There are many remedies related to this topic the first thing you should do is to change the hydraulic oil. You must know that after how many durations of time your oil should be changed. Then change the hydraulic filter too. You should check hydraulic system. Control valve. The level of oil must be checked regularly and also you should mark on it in between the maximum and minimum.

The tractors are very technical when it comes to their performance and maintenance. When you own it after few months you will come to know about many new things. So, you should always look for experts’ advice and you must not do your own experiments on it.

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