Quick Guide to bespoke tailoring

Bespoke tailoring refers to the making of clothing by a delicate process of hand stitching to follow an individual pattern provided by each customer. Bespoke tailoring Dubai basically refers to the process of making suits according to an individual’s size and desired pattern. The term is often misused by many clothing brands where they would call it custom made or even bespoke but the process wouldn’t even be close to it.

A bespoke tailor would usually work in their own workshop where each and every process will be carried out exclusively by them. A bespoke tailor should not have any trouble in showing you their workspace and the real process is when the customer themselves are involved in it completely and work side by side with them to produce something which they are expecting. They will demonstrate to you about the whole process and would give you the proper knowledge of the craft.

If you find such a bespoke tailor shop which keeps you away from their workspace and is very hesitant about it with some really good and convincing excuses then just know that they are not what they claim to be. Even if they tell you that their workstation is far from the shop then don’t fall for it because if it really is then how is your cloth and material being transported from one place to another? 

If you find someone who will tell you that they are going to get your work done by contacting with tailor and getting the material ready then just know that they are scammers. A real bespoke tailor would never use a third party to communicate with their customers because there are a lot of things which need to be asked and informed throughout the process and if you are not receiving the updates then this simply means that you are going to be handed such a piece which never truly was yours to start from.

Many people wonder that why would they want a bespoke tailor when they could get their suits right off the racks in such a design which they adore. Well the reason why many people choose a bespoke person is that they love being involved in the whole process of building something from scratch. If you also love being involved in such a way then opt for it.

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