Tips to style abaya in hot weather

Whenever the summer is here, we don’t even seem to know or comprehend what happened but instead we are hit by the heat wave and that’s when we realize we have to style and wear clothes differently. If the case is same with you then we think you should buy designer abaya online and use the following styling tips which can be used on evening dresses Dubai online too:

  • Consider light airy fabric

There are so many different abaya fabrics out there and some of them are really light and airy – just perfect for the summer. These fabrics include nidha, linen and even chiffon can be worn in the heat. They are just the perfect mix of softness and airiness which is needed. The best part is that, they can be sewn and designed in all different cuts and styles.

  • Avoid dark colors

Dark colors are often known for their heat insulating capacities and thus the dark colors should only be preserved for winters. Light colors can work best in heat and thus it is important that you go lighter in abaya too. There are many such pretty fun and light colors available in designer abayas such as blue, grey and even skin color. Make a wiser choice.

  • Be smarter with inner clothing choices

Because the main purpose of abaya is to hide what you wear inside thus sometimes you wear it over whatever you desire. Here we would like to tell you that what you choose to wear inside your abaya matters a lot in the fitting as well as airiness of it. Choose something light weight and fitted so that the loose shirt does not bunch up inside and give you the claustrophobic feels.

  • Choose ponchos over fittings

You are going to love this tip if you are a fan of flowy styles and fabrics. Consider an abaya in kimono style or poncho as it gives you the airiness with its loose look and space to move around. Ditch the body hugging fitting and instead aim for loose butterfly styles because often fittings can make your feel trapped and sweat more.

Other than that, we would recommend you to go lighter on embroidery because too many beadings and thread can make the fabric feel heavy than it actually is.

We hope you found these tips helpful!

Author: admin