5 Hottest Dubai Clubs & Bars For Party-goers

Dubai is usually known as the haven of opportunities and architectural wonder. But when nighttime falls, this city transforms into a lively place where people can party their worries away. If you are looking for a place where you can party and enjoy your hearts out, then these nightclubs would definitely make your night:

  • White Dubai


The White Dubai is definitely a place you need to visit if you are into the nightlife. This nightclub won Time Out Dubai’s Club of the Year for three straight years. And it is no wonder. The club boast of exclusive location that only opens during the winter season. The club is pretty much open to everyone, but the considerations is they should be dressed to the nines. Reservation is not needed but you need to come earlier, preferably before 12am, to get the best spot. Enjoy partying all night with high-octane music, LED displays, and the vibrating crowd.


  • Billionaire Mansion


This club is probably the newest in the batch, the Billionaire Mansion is fast gaining buzz in the community. As the name suggests, the club makes party goers feel like a billion bucks. This amazing club offers excellent food, drinks, and entertainment. You can instantly feel the party atmosphere once you step inside the space. Party goers are advised to dress appropriately to fit in.


  • Cirque Le Soir


If Hip Hop runs in your blood, then the Cirque Le Soir would give you the beat and vibe you are looking for. Cirque Le Soir is popular amongst clubbers, especially during Mondays. Every Monday, the club featured Hip Hop beats and music and provide the best food. The place is mixture of glamour and oddity and the circus-themed is always pulsing with the party vibe. Aside from Hip Hop Mondays, they also feature other themes in other days.


  • People By Crystal


People By Crystal is more of a conventional type of club it doesn’t mean that it boring and dull. But the place is pulsating with excellent music and entertainment that cater to everyone’s partying taste. Party goers say that the best night is the Ladies’ Night.


  • Cavalli Club


When you hear the word clubbing, the Cavalli Club would be on top of the list. This club has been a go-to destination for clubbers and party goers. The place is busting with sophistication. DJs and performers regularly entertain guests with great music.

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