Skills You Need to Become a Baker

Baking has been an art back from 10,000 years and the oldest remains of an oven were found in Egypt which was estimated to be used in 3000 B.C. Baking has a long history and bakers have been pleasing people with their skills from a very long time. But the bakers of today have to have a lot of skills and a creative mind as well. Considering the competition, every tom, dick and harry takes a small baking class and become good bakers. But if you want to become a successful baker, you need to have a specific set of skills to make some of the uncanny cakes ever seen. The best bakers are in Dubai, UAE and annually there are many competitions held where bakers come from around the world to take part and the winners are decided by UAE Federation of Bakers.

 However, there are no specific degrees or qualification of this field. There are some but the selection of the best chefs is not based on degrees. They are selected with the taste they provide and the skills of presentation of food. If a person has done degree in baking or cooking different cuisines and at the same time another person is not graduated and makes tastier food than the graduated one then the decision goes in the favor of the second person. But, if you still want to look for some degree to polish your skills you have to have a level 2 diploma in food manufacture, certificate in creative techniques level 1, 2 and 3 NVQ Level 1 and 2 in Multi-skilled hospitality services. You need to complete 300 credit hours. All these degrees and certifications are verified and attested from Foundation Degree of Baking Technology Management. All these degrees and certification need at least 2 years of your time where you will be introduced to different bakery items from around the world.

Some of the best schools of culinary arts and baking academies are found and recommended in UAE. Because there are many different cultures and all offer different items and tastes. In UAE, each year 20,000 bakers graduate and most start their business in UAE. So, on your special day, you can order cakes in Dubai and you can find the most eye-catching birthday cakes in Dubai that you have ever seen and the taste will make your taste buds dance.

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