Benefits of sleep

Sleep, sleep and sleep! Do you know that we spend most our life sleeping? Are you thinking that this means that you have been wasting your life after reading this? If yes, then you are fooling yourself, because sleep is not wasteful activity. It is the most important activity. In fact it is a process from which it is important to go through.

For you and for me, sleep is nothing except a night time or anytime in which we go to bed and have rest but in actual it is not a resting time. It is more than it. It is a time in which you are recycled, re-fashioned, rewired and reborn. It is a time in which you do not have idea that how many processes going on in your body. Whether, you keep sitting your whole day or keep working 18 hours, at the end of the day your body is left with millions of worn and torn cells. These cells are dangerous which may cause harm to other parts of your body. During sleep, these cells are dropped out from the body and new ones are made to make the body able to digest food again and use eyes again to use phone and observe the world.

Majority of the public think that brain is not active during sleep but in actual fact, it is more active during sleep than when it is awake as even the best gynecologist in Dubai will tell you. However, you are not conscious, only a small part control consciousness. It is the time of night and sleeping when the memory is shifting from short term to long term. That’s the reason why parents are advised to tell moral and funny stories to children at night to make their habit of listening, reading and build ethics.

Besides all of this, sleep has immense effect on immune system and skin. Good sleep produces more skin cells and brings, more water into it which means that it stays hydrated and compact skin is the by-product of sleep. That’s the reason why it is better to have eight hour long sleep on a daily basis to get your 16 year old skin back.

So, these are a few benefits of sleep. Sleep and exercise are the greatest need of your body. Therefore, never compromise on them and have good sleep everyday but do not sleep too much. It is also not good. It will also make you avoid having to visit a botox clinic in Dubai.

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